Spastic Society of Gurgaon Spastic Society of Gurgaon
Hepatitis B Immunisation for Spastic & Handicapped Children

SSOG organized a camp for vaccinating children afflicted with CP (cerebral palsy) and MR (mental retardation). The vaccination is administered in three doses . SSOG organized the first camp on 14.05.2008 and the second dose was given to the same children on 21.06.2008. The camp was organized at Deepashram which is home to about 72 such children.

Other CP children are being identified by us with the help of other social workers in other villages around Gurgaon. The dedicated team of doctors is offering free medical check up for all such children .

Shortly SSOG is organizing medical check up and pathological tests for children at Deepashram. The wheel chairs for help of the needy children are also being arranged. We are also exploring job opportunities for few differently abled children who have less degree of spasticity and can cope up with daily routine like their peer group of adolescents.

We pray to the Almighty for being kind to such children who solely depend on others for all their physiological and emotional needs. God give us strength for taking care of all such children on this planet .